Yingmei Duan Behaviour Lecture | I want to be an invisible person

  • 16 JUNE 2018

Yingmei Duan



Behaviour Lecture: I want to be an invisible person





Dates: 16 June 2018

Venue: Video Bureau – Beijing, 798 West Street, 798 Art District

Language: Mandarin




Duan Yingmei has been focusing on the creation and research of performance art in the past 18 years. At the scene of Duan Yingmei’s behavior, the camera has always played the role of a live audience. It is both the “viewer” and the “recorder” of Duan Yingmei’s behavior. If “live/immediateness” is the most important element of performance art, what will eventually be captured through the moment of video solidification, and is the indispensable “body” in performance art still present in the video art? Perhaps the presence of the body has been replaced and reproduced by the camera’s perspective.


This lecture will be the first attempt of the video bureau to invite artists to conduct behavior lectures. The two-hour lecture is also an on-site behavior. Duan Yingmei will lead the audience, starting with the screening of her work “Increase the Height of a Hill for an Unknown Mountain,” and combine her work archives with the video bureau to trace back her many years of creative history. We sincerely invite you to participate.


Source: Video Board