Birgitta Hosea Talk | Seoul International Imagination Industry Forum 2018

  • 24 AUGUST 2018

Venue: Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Date: 24 August 2018


Hosea’s talk titled ‘Made by Hand’, explores the following:
“In an age of AI and digital production methods, the attraction of hand-made methods for making animation persists in the independent sector. Featuring examples from her exhibition ‘Erasure’ at Hanmi Gallery and contextualised by ideas from the British Arts and Crafts movement, this presentation will critically reflect on the manual labour used to animate by hand drawing and the idea that humanity is shown through imperfection.”


The SI3 is an annual event held by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea. The SI3 is one of the world’s premier conferences to meet with the most influential scholars, experts in Imagination Industries – animation, game, cartoon and more. The overall organisation and the intimate yet international size of the event offer professionals and students from the digital arts communities a great platform to mingle, network, and share insights about art, technologies and business, at the highest level. The SI3 will show the present and future trends in the imagination industries which are expanding at a tremendous pace thanks to the convergence of diverse fields such as cartoons, animation, game, VR AR and new media. This event will become an authoritative international forum and offer global networking opportunities for the advancement of education, the arts, business, and policy issues in the sphere of cultural contents.