Shin Kiwoun Film Screening | Valletta Film Festival

  • 3 -11 June 2016

Hanmi Gallery is pleased to announce that Shin Kiwoun will be screening 2 video works: <Dis-illusion Coin-Face, 2007> , <Approach the Truth Alarm Clock, 2006> as part of ‘ Valletta Film Festival 2016’ in Malta. Following the success of the inaugural edition of Valletta Film Festival (VFF) in June 2015, Film Grain Foundation presents the second edition of the festival from Friday 3rd to Saturday 11th June 2016. For more info: Valletta Film Festival 2016 


Shin Kiwoun’s work focuses on existentialist themes such as time, reality, being, illusion and disappearance: “The ‘disappearance’ I think of, means rather ‘birth’. There is a presupposition that everything is not different from each other before it is born. I wanted to visually show the fact that the beginning and the start of an existence are not different through the physical action of ‘grinding’. I tried to strengthen the intensity of ‘disappearance’ by choosing something everyone wants to have, as the object to be ground.”  (the artist)


In his project ‘Approach the Truth’ and the work ‘Dis-illusion’, Shin terminates objects such as a mobile phone, a clock, an I-pod, English grammar books and coins. They are modern commodities and objects that somehow represent authorities and powers in our society.