Chang Yoonseong | MMCA Residency Programme

  • 4 - 29 NOVEMBER 2015


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MMCA Residency Changdong Report 2015〉 presents works by three artists, IM Heungsoon, CHANG Yoonseong, and JIN Dallae, who have been participating in the Korean Artists Residency Program at MMCA Residency Changdong in 2015.
Along with MMCA Residency Goyang, MMCA Residency Changdong is run by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA). MMCA Residency Changdong supports practicing artists by providing stable work environment and various opportunities to communicate with other artists and art professionals, which would help broaden the horizon of their art practice.


In this exhibition, three artists introduce new works made during their residency and past works through the archive space. IM Heungsoon, visual artist and film director, presents video and photography works that he has developed in Jeju and CHANG Yoonseong shows installations which focus on the concept of ‘movement.’ JIN Dallae, member of an art collective ‘JIN Dallae & PARK Woohyuk,’ introduces their new work, inspired by the physical limitation of the exhibition space. This exhibition will be a great opportunity for audiences to explore each artist’s unique art world which encompasses diverse mediums, including film, installation, and photography.


Full page, featuring works by the artist can be seen here