Jimin Lee Artist's Talk in Hanmi Gallery Seoul

  • 9 JANUARY 2018

Venue: Hanmi Gallery Seoul

Date: 27th December 2018

Time: 7 – 7:30pm


Jimin Lee’s talk opened her solo exhibition To the Edge and Back, at Hanmi Gallery Seoul. Where she presented multi-form original print media works, including a multimedia collaboration project with composer Frank Harris and multimedia artist and program designer Aza Raskin, including an original musical score and video combined with Lee’s prints.


Lee’s laser-cut woodblock print series conveys today’s modes of transportation as metaphorical. She implies that their function is solely to be used as mediators in the exchange of goods, materials and other things for mankind. Within her work, the images of miniature sets of speeding trains and industrial structures allude to the current discussions on constructing the North-South railway system that would impact the socio-political and economical maps in Korea by reconnecting people, networks, modes of transportation and other physical infrastructures.