Shin Kiwoun's Artist Talk at KCC

  • 8 January 2016

Artist Talk: Shin Kiwoun ‘Bate’s Room’ at Korean Cultural Centre
Hanmi Gallery is pleased to announce Shin Kiwoun’s artist talk at the Korean Cultural Centre were he will be discussing his practice as well as his latest exhibition ‘Bates Room’ held at The Old Police Station in Deptford.
The name ‘Bates’s Room’ is borrowed from the movie ‘Psycho’ in which the main character Norman Bates, hides his multi personality by pretending to be his mother. His odd behaviour can be interpreted as a manifestation of Freud’s psychoanalytical theory. Shin Kiwoun reflects this in his exhibition with each room representing a state of ‘Id’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Super-ego’. Throughout this exhibition, the artist metaphorically expresses the conflict inside of the human mind and asks what is the truth behind the ego.
The talk will be held from 2pm – 3pm on the 5th January 2016 at the Korean Cultural Centre, 1-3 Strand, London, WC2N 5JR
Shin Kiwoun’s exhibition runs in till the 5th January 2016 at The Old Police Station, 114 Amersham Vale, London SE14 6LG