• 7 - 9 November 2014

Hanmi Gallery is very pleased to be hosting the Spain NOW! Creative hub at Hanmi Gallery which will take place between 7 – 9 November 2014. Presenting a weekend of visual art exhibitions, talks, literary mornings and a program of fashion, film and music screenings, this event promises to be a multifaceted and enriching experience of contemporary Spanish culture.


Spain NOW! is the annual season of contemporary art and culture in London – showcasing the latest creative talent coming out of Spain.



Schedule of events


FRIDAY 7 NOVEMBER Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm
  Reception drinks: 6 – 9 pm

Cut Here IV and FF>> Fresh Fashion From Spain presentation by curator Noelia Terrón-Laya (ground floor)



Screenings: Cut Here IV and FF>> Fresh Fashion From Spain & The Word is Poet


10am: Literary Mornings- Screening of ‘The Word Is Poet’ and roundtable discussion curated by Silvia Terrón (ground floor)

2.30pm: Talk Gemma Pardo + Sungfeel Yun (ground floor)

5pm: Nifu Nifa Records presentation. DJ set until 7pm (ground floor)



Screenings: Cut Here IV and FF>> Fresh Fashion From Spain & The Word is Poet


1pm: Maria José Arceo + Susana Sanromán in conversation (ground floor)

4pm: Marisa Culatto + Roland Fischer in conversation chaired by Michael Petry (ground floor)

5.30pm: Hanmi Social (screenings + nibbles)



Creative Hub Programme


Visual Arts

Susana Sanroman will have on display her project ‘Essentia-Praesentia’.
In this body of work, Sanromán captures the fascinating intersection of place, presence, and absence— a series of photographs of abandoned, once-inhabited buildings. A quieting sense of decay of the uninhabited space is present through the series. The recurrent ‘figurative human form’ states the presence of absence; which coexist with the natural cycles of life and death with its constant transmutation.


Gemma Pardo’s and Sungfeel Yun’s collaboration showcases their seemingly disparate art practices that, interestingly enough, have at their core many points in common. Both artists enquire about nature, the cosmos, the human condition and notions such as time and space. It is precisely their different ways of addressing such topics that makes this collaboration an exciting one; one that has the potential to bring about new and unexpected ideas.



Cut Here IV, a selection of videos from Spain’s independent music scene, curated by Nacho R. Piedra. The magic of music videos lies in the interplay between sound and image. Not just a song, not just a film but more than that, the sum of the parts.


FF>> Fresh Fashion From Spain, Curated by Noelia Terrón-Laya. Spanish design has a distinctive flair that is often difficult to define: is it the use of colour? The choice of shapes? The taste for prints? Its rich cultural heritage? Or perhaps its craftsmanship tradition? On this occasion we have partnered with Madrid Fashion Film Festival, a showcase of the best audiovisual work made for the fashion industry, now in its second year.


Literary Mornings

‘THE WORD IS POET’curated by Silvia Terrón. This documentary by Asturias-born poet and film producer Sofía Castañón proposes looking at literature through a gender lens. 21 Spanish poets born between 1974 and 1990 give their own perspective about literary creation, its dissemination, and the reactions by literary critics and the public in general. Does being a man or a woman play a role in the process?



Label Launch: Nifu Nifa Records 

This is not a typical record label. The aims of the project are to promote new emerging artists from the electronic music scene, and to support children’s education charities around the world by donating all profits to such causes.