Yingmei Duan's Daily Live Art Performance

Live Art Performance: 3 Small Rules


30.06.2017 – Ongoing


Yingmei Duan invites everyone to join her Daily Live Art Performance. The performance’s aim is to inspire the audience with precious inputs regarding the artist’s work-life balance by explaining how she constantly improves her life quality thanks to 3 Small Rules. These rules reveal how Duan deals with its own time management in order to find a regular, disciplined and healthy daily rhythm.


Artist’s statement:

“As an artist you have a lot of freedom, but at the same time this freedom is dangerous. You are in control of your time, you can do whatever you like: either drinking all day or sleeping all day. You could either attend exhibition openings everyday or spend a great amount of time networking. You can either sit in front of the computer for a whole day or work in the studio. Briefly, you can either make yourself busy or spend each day relaxing.


Before I moved to Germany, I was living in Beijing as a freelance artist. There were not so many exhibitions to participate in at that time. I lived an irregular life due to my lack of self-control. I felt I didn’t have much passion to create art during my last two years in Beijing. After I moved to Germany I made a rule to go to the campus everyday. Therefore I knew almost every corner of my university, and I became one of the most diligent students. I was in a very good state to create art during my studies in Germany. Compared with China, art students in Germany have more freedom and can decide whether to go to the campus or not. Such a free environment was very comfortable, however, it also confused me at the same time. I knew I was lazy, that’s why after graduation I tried to manage my time and structure my daily plan. I set some rules for myself so that even when I did not have invitations I would think of concepts and develop them for future exhibitions.


I have been observing freelancers around me for a long time. A lot of them lead an irregular lifestyle, have unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and staying up late. Over time this lifestyle harms people mentally and physically. When I got older I got used to a structured life. I follow three simple rules which help me to develop good habits for living and working. To constantly improve my self discipline and life quality I decide to keep setting new rules.


This Daily Live Art Performance is for everyone. If you are willing to and want to live and work regularly, please do not put off your plan until tomorrow. From now on, try to make a regular plan according to your own situation, just like I did for myself.


My 3 rules are following:

Get up at 7 or 8 o’clock every day, take a walk or go running for 45 minutes.

Take a 15-minute rest after working for 1.5 hours.

Go to bed before 11 pm.”












此次活动面向所有人,如果您也愿意,并希望有规则的生活和工作的话,请别把你的计划拖到明天,而从现在开始,和我一样根据自己的实际情况给自己制定一个有规律的计划, 您可以邀请您身边的一个或更多的朋友和您一起来参与到这件日常行为作品中来并相互鼓励督促。