London Korea Links on Meme – at Hanmi Gallery and the London Art Fair

Hanmi Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of works by international contemporary artists employing new media and interdisciplinary techniques in their practices. Featuring three international artists and art collectives: Korean video-installation artist Chang Kyum Kim, Korean artist duo Mioon, and London-based art collective Troika, the exhibition Meme takes a cultural term as a curatorial framework to consider themes of memory and its transference of information from culture to culture. The artists and works introduced by Hanmi Gallery will be exhibited in two locations – at stand P9 in the Art Projects section at London Art Fair and Hanmi Gallery London – forming a dual exhibition. This two-part show will feature different works by Chang Kyum Kim, Mioon and Troika in each site, consequently acting as a mirror in their respective locations. The transference of the art from one site to another provides a conceptual and literal interrogation of Meme.