Korea Driven: Hanmi Gallery in FT How To Spend It

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South Korea may have first taken part in the Venice Biennale in 1986, and had a permanent pavilion there since 1995 but 2015 has been the year Korean art took centre stage, grabbing the attention of the fickle art world and making it sit up and take notice. All the indications are that this appreciation can only grow, as Korean artists are becoming an ever-stronger presence at art fairs, in western gallery shows and in auction sales rooms.


An article in the most recent copy of the Financial Times FT How to Spend It discusses the emergence of Korean Art on the centre stage and our director shared her thoughts on the rapidly emerging Korean Art scene as well as Gagosian recently announcing there representation of Nam June Paik.


‘I feel this recognition has been long due and I see it as an encouraging step for Korean art globally. In particular, I hope it will widen collector’s views on video art, which traditionally has been a difficult medium commercially.’