Exhibition: Jeehee Park, Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room is an exhibition of multi-sensory sculptures by the South-Korean artist Jeehee Park. Park investigated the history of specific regions, buildings and current social phenomenon. She visualised it by applying a function or by conducting basic science experiments through her sculptures. Her works are multidisciplinary, incorporating both sculpture and installation drawings. She also uses a variety of mediums from building to organic materials. Her works call for a sensorial response as they appeal not just to the eye but also to the viewer’s scent and hearing.


In this exhibition, visitors trace her thoughts about Elephant and Castle in London through her installations. The Fruit Battery installation is the result of this research. It is a visualisation of specific parts of the social system perceived by the artist through the function of primary batteries. She incorporated popular fruits among local residents of the area to create a structure that generates a minimal amount of electricity. The fruits were bought from East Street Market which is home to a high percentage of  immigrants. Copper pipes with small zinc plates pierce the fruit and create impressive sculptures