Brigitte Stepputtis: We are Stardust

Brigitte Stepputtis’ video works are characterised by a lack of a valid perspective. We are Stardust is in collaboration with ScanLab and Matty Skylab.  While confronted by these works the viewer keeps experiencing the odd sensation of witnessing a totally disrupted space-time axis. It is indeed the dislocated nature of such environments that leads an audience to formulate multiple and disparate associations. The apparently stone-carved models lose their solid properties to become blurred spectrums that keep metamorphosing and twisting with no apparent logic. It is as if for some unspecified reason the very fabric that conforms reality had been stripped from its previous defining qualities. Brigitte’s ghost-like models inhabit an impossible space in which, weirdly enough, the only consistent elements are the shadows cast by the models.