Exhibition: Aisha Abid Hussain, Two Not Together

One may view Aisha Abid Hussain’s recent work as a cabinet with many drawers‭, ‬to be slid open‭, ‬one by one‭, ‬exposing the carefully assembled private chronicles‭. ‬The coming together of two individuals in holy or unholy bonds of marriage is a rapidly altering episode in human relationships‭.‬‭ ‬“Two Not Together”‭ ‬interrogates our assumptions‭, ‬our clichés and our romance with the institution of marriage‭. ‬She contrives a staged moment‭, ‬replete with the finery and the trimmings of attire and dreams‭. ‬The farcical underpinnings of the charade do not escape scrutiny‭. ‬Her delight in baroque role-playing only emphasises the patent ridiculousness of each person’s expectations‭. ‬Yet there is a tinge of sadness here‭. ‬The inevitability of decay‭, ‬both physical and emotional is at the core of‭ ‬Hussain’s image-making‭.‬