Maison Korea Patrick Hughes: Reading Paradox

Monday, Seoul

Hanmi Gallery, Seoul is pleased to present ‘Patrick Hughes: Reading Paradox, a solo show of the British artist Patrick Hughes (b. 1939) for the inaugural exhibition of the gallery’s Seoul space.

Patrick Hughes is best known for the creation of Reverspectives, or so called ‘sculptured paintings’, which combine a painted surface onto a three-dimensional protruding structure. They deploy a quizzical strategy in which the furthest point of a painting, in reality is the nearest point to the viewer. This exhibition seeks to celebrate, and provide another ‘reading’ of the enigmatic, upside-down, inside-out universe of Hughes’ Reverspectives.

Hughes dedicated the second half of his artistic career into focusing on Reverspectives. Like a Surrealist dream, Hughes’ Reverspectives have a recurrent subject matter with high art historical relevance – the city of Venice, art collection interiors and stacked books make frequent appearances. Fifty years since the creation of the first Patrick Hughes Reverspective, Hanmi Gallery is delighted to present seventeen Reverspectives in Seoul.


Runs until December. 2oth, 608-12, Sinsadong, Gangnamgu, Seoul,