Financial News (Life and Culture section) on Patrick Hughes: Reading Paradox

Monday, Seoul

Patrick Hughes’ Reading Paradox seeks to celebrate and provide another ‘reading’ of the enigmatic, upside-down, inside-out universe of Hughes’ Reverspectives. This exhibition aims to provide just a few readings of the many possible interpretations of the infinite combination of opposites at play that are contained and surfaced in Hughes’ Retrospective.


Hughes created his first Reverspective in 1964. Titled the Sticking Out Room (1964), following his earlier investigations into perspective and perception that were largely executed on flat surfaces. Sticking Out Room depicted what looked like a view into a quintessential English interior. The room is divided by psychedelic floral wallpaper stylistic of the Sixties, miniature picture rail and skirting boards that accentuates the proportional perspective to give the illusion of depth and recession into the room. However, as the viewer soon moved closer into the work it became apparent that the ‘furthest’ point in the painting was in fact, the closest to the viewer. The viewer not only ‘sees’ this paradox but also experiences it.


In this view, fifty years since their creation, Reverspectives have become synonymous with Patrick Hughes, and Patrick Hughes synonymous with Reverspectives.
Runs until December. 2oth, 608-12, Sinsadong, Gangnamgu, Seoul,