Sangjin Kim


Sanjin Kim (Born 1979, South Korea, currently lives and works in Seoul, South Korea)


Sangjin Kim communicates predominantly through the seemingly disparate elements of language, sound, and time. Kim believes that space itself is an empty vacuum before it is filled with contents that then identify this space, and therefore identifies his spaces by filling them with repurposed and recontextualised objects that make a variety of social comments.


Perhaps his most widely appreciated piece is In Visible Bible, which places an inkjet printer over a tank of water, where the words of the bible are ‘printed’ into the tank, appearing momentarily before dissolving and dispersing, changing the properties of the water tank. With this, Kim comments on the spread and dispersment of images and ideas across contemporary culture, and the way they change and colour the environment. Viewers are unable to read the text exactly, but undoubtedly witness its effect.


Such effects are highlighted in Kim’s IN VISIBILITY, which sees the same concept executed with edicts of British criminal law. The instability and unreliability of language becomes increasingly apparent, as well as its effect on sociopolitical issues. These works question absoluteness of power and authority, which relies upon written language.


Other examples of Kim’s work see a continuation of the discussion of technology. An air purifier fitted into a tank with a bed of fresh flowers, or an oil drum used as an audio speaker, Kim pulls items from the modern and recent past, particularly pieces that represent significant ‘steps’ in the continuation of technological inventions, and places them alongside natural elements, or questions their position within contemporary culture. This juxtaposition or unusual context allows Kim to not only redefine the objects themselves, but the culture in which they exist.


Sangjin Kim completed his BFA at the Seoul National University and continues to study at Goldsmiths, London. Recent exhibitions include, Situated Senses 02 : 30cm of Obscurity at the Old Police Station and Kim presented his first solo show, Ingredients, at Gallery Min in 2011.