Mioon (Born 1972, South Korea, Currently lives and works in Seoul, South Korea).


Mioon, the artist duo composed of Kim Min-Seon and Choi Mun-Seon, re-examine traditional Asian imagery within a deeply social setting. To develop and create art, Mioon coordinate their ideas and differences through endless conversation and debate. This interest in interaction and language is extended to their work, which explores subjects concerning society and the communication between people. Mioon’s Statue Number series (2006 – ongoing), reflects the curatorial theme of Hanmi Gallery’s 2015 exhibition Meme through its depiction of the back of forgotten public monuments in celebrated locations. As the video progresses it becomes clear that the statues are ‘breathing,’ and thus these statues are re-examined in a deeply social setting. The cross-cultural references and dialogue that characterise Mioon’s work directly probe Meme.

Mioon have worked together since 2001. Born in Seoul, they attended the Dusseldorf Kunstakademie before returning to the city to live and continue their artistic progression. Mioon have exhibited their work at the National Museum of Art (Korea), Wilhelm Lembruck Museum (Germany) and at the 50th Sydney Film Festival (Australia). Mioon have been awared numerous prestigious awards including the Song Eun Arts Award (2009), Gladbeck Computer Art Award (2009) and the NRW Media Art Prize (2005).