Aisha Abid Hussain

Aisha Abid Hussain uses a variety of mediums to explore the self, and the extension of life beyond subjective limits. For this reason, self-portraits in the form of video art are often featured, with the discussion extending to the effects of global interaction and communication in the contemporary world. This allows for the parody superabundance, marketing, and mass media, presented as a personal account of engagements with these elements.


As well as this contemporary perspective, Hussain’s work also looks backwards. She absorbs and depicts cultural memory, and places or juxtaposes the ‘tradition of remembrance art’ with modern ‘daily practice’. In a ‘revival of past tradition’, alongside the discussion of modern lives, Hussain’s work becomes an act of meditation.


Aisha Abid Hussain holds a BFA from the National College of Arts, Pakistan, in Miniature Painting, an MFA from Goldsmiths, London, and was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013, ICA London. She has been selected for a number of group exhibitions internationally, including ‘Her Stories’ at the Taubman Museum, Virginia, USA, 2013 and Queens Museum Brooklyn, USA, 2012, ‘To Remain’ at Hanmi Gallery, London, 2012, ‘Drive In’ at HHDM, Vienna, Austria, 2012, ‘Parallel Lines’ at Bradford Museums, England, 2008, and ‘Con-nect’ at Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi, India, 2008. Hussain has also enjoyed a number of solo shows, including those at Gandhara Art Space, Karachi, Pakistan in 2010, and at Alexis Renard Gallery, Paris, France, in 2009.