Yeojoo Park

Yeojoo Park constructs minimal, cubic and unobtrusive interior spaces that mimic, and perhaps almost mock, the four-walled spaces in which humans now reside. Park’s interest in these types of environments comes from this traditional, timeless human obsession of building homes, originally with elements of nature, and now using modern technology. People nowadays often crave and ‘escape’, from the ‘suffocating walls that enclose us’, and Park’s work attempts to embody this assumed obstacle. These suppositional spaces, whose minimalism demands they depend largely upon hint and suggesting, change the atmosphere of the gallery space into an uncanny environment that is unsettling or confusing to the viewer. Often site-specific, these works will feature flights of stairs leading nowhere or too small to use, or archways that seem useless and do not uphold any structure, and thus the air of forced enclosure is poignantly highlighted.


Park also harnesses the power of perspective, and works like Untitled, which features a line-painted open-sided cube, begs the viewer to move into a position where the image aligns and becomes coherent, only to leave them feeling unfulfilled when they do, due to the vertigo inducing optical illusion. The search for meaning, explanation, and fruition of the imagery, or simply escape, plagues the observer, who has now become an almost unwilling participant.


Yeojoo Park holds a BFA in Fine Art from the Seoul Women’s University, and an MFA in Painting from the Slade School of Fine Art, London. Park has won several awards including the ‘Jeune Création 2012’ in Paris. She has been featured in numerous group exhibitions, including the ‘34th JoongAng Fine Arts Prize’ at the Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, ‘Double Democracy 2, art:gwanju: 12’ at the KDJ Convention Centre, Gwangju, SK, and  ‘5th 4482[SASAPARI: Map the Korea’ at the Bargehouse, London, in 2012, the ‘Creekside Open 2011’ at the A.P.T Gallery, London, in 2011, and ‘Media Landscape, Zone East’ at the Korean Cultural Centre, London, in 2010.