Tom Gidley

Tom Gidley’s artistic practice involves painting and ceramics. Throughout his body of works,  both mediums are in continuous dialogue, constantly implementing and replicating each other. One might think that his work aims for perfect synchrony but the opposite is true. His work relies on notions of fragmentation and struggle; beneath the surface of his apparently controlled artworks lie the fragile nature of human existence. Figurative and abstract pieces coexist in formal and conceptual dialogue creating very localised points of tension. The spatial arrangement of the works increases that feeling and lays the ground to formulate multiple associations.


Tom Gidley (b. 1968) graduated from Central St Martins in 1991. Since then, Gidley has exhibited his works in a number of both group and solo exhibitions globally. These include exhibitions at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (New York), 303 Gallery (New York), The Soane Museum (London) and Lisson Gallery (London). Gidley also obtained a Guest Residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, Netherlands.