Ole Hagen

With a theatrical approach to his own work, Ole Hagen arranges figures, props and masks on a tableaux set, orchestrating and animating these elements into the creation of a dark and uncanny world. Bodies become clumsy objects in animate conscious fields, and sculpted figures seem to become living bodies, and the inanimate and the animate are fused into a world just beyond our own.


These ideas spread into Hagen’s video, sculpture, drawing, and performance works, and are also interestingly present in his research papers that discuss the cross territory between fine art, consciousness, quantum cosmology, and transpersonal psychology. This territory-crossing perspective means that Hagen’s work is surprisingly varied, and utilises a variety of mediums. His sculpture, for example, sees the creation of clay and wood humanoid forms, with small screens presenting moving or still video images embedded into their eyes or mouth. With this, Hagen spans genre and nods to a variety of movements in art history, whilst remaining within his unique viewpoint. These juxtapositions are sometimes comical, but always interesting, continuing to evoke Hagen’s parallel reality.


Ole Hagen holds an MA from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, and a PhD from Goldsmiths College, London. Recent group exhibitions include ‘Masquerade – Be Another’, at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery (2013), ‘Time Capsules and Conditions of Now’ at the David Roberts Art Foundation (2012), ‘No Now!’ at Space Station 65 (2012), Phobia at Hanmi Gallery (2012), ‘Multiverse’ and ‘Multiverse Expanded’ at the Kunstsenter, Norway (2011). Recent solo shows include performances at LUPA, and The Barbican, and Holography for Beginners, at the Horse Hospital (2010).