Jess Littlewood

“At the core of my practice lies the process of collecting images. Through the accumulation and appropriation of these images I build worlds. These worlds are ever evolving, and provide testing grounds for unending questions and possibilities. Although these worlds are a place to contemplate humanity in general, the most frequent subject for interrogation is belief, whether it takes the shape of a conventional religion or a more mystic form.


The transient inhabitants of these worlds are never revealed but are always present in some way. Rituals occur, shelters are built, battles are lost and won, but can only be glimpsed once abandoned. Utopia is always strived for, yet lies beyond grasp and is a continual force of destruction and folly. Nature, mountains in particular, are dominant and overbearing and continually triumph over attempts at creation.” Jess Littlewood.


Jess Littlewood graduated from BA Fine Art at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in 2010. She has exhibited widely in London in recent years, with her latest shows including The Ghost of a Movement (Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, June 2013), a group exhibition, and a solo exhibition Island Folly at Bearspace in London (May-June 2013). She currently lives and works in London.