Alexis Milne

Alexis Milne’s artistic practices traverse video and interventionist performance. Utilising various alter egos, cartoonist parody and the ‘grotesque’ as tools to remark on the distortion of the authentic, as fostered by repetitive strategies of the mass media.


In his video series The Delinquents (2011), Milne examines various media recuperation of 1980’s and 1990’s subcultures, veering from nihilistic skinheads, to the convulsive expression of breakdancing and rave culture. Through cutting and sampling projected footage of iconic documentaries and films, the artist physically intervene in the ‘delinquent’ subcultures that shapes his youth. He physically places himself inside these projected footages through mimetic violent gestures, breakdancing, tagging and raving – Milne thus revisits and immerses the screen representation of these subcultures in a ritualistic attempt to subvert the norms of cultural hierarchy.


Alexis Milne is the winner of the 2011 European Startpoint Prize. Exhibitions of Milne’s works include ‘The Future Can Wait’ (2013) in association with the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4, and ‘Hack the Barbican’ (2013) at the Barbican Centre, London – an experiment in cross-disciplinary collaboration drawing from visual art and technology. Milne lives and works in London.