London Art Fair: Art Projects 2013

  • Artists: Sangjin Kim, Sejin Kim, Shin Kiwoun, Alexis Milne, Pedro Sena Nunes
  • Business Design Centre | London, N1 0QH
  • 16 – 20 January 2013

Hanmi Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Art Projects at the London Art Fair 2013. Focusing on London’s leading contemporary galleries, Art Projects provide a critical platform for demonstrating the breadth and depth of contemporary art today. In collaboration with Alpha Art Association, curated by London based independent curators, Seihee Shon and Yovi Jisun Song, Location of Reality brings together a group of international artists whose practices employ new media arts to explore themes ranging from observed societal realities to the postmodern discourse of hyperreality. Hyperreality is the concept of a reality that is more than real, brought about by the evolution of new media technologies. Hyperreality, closely related to the idea of a copy without reference to an original, is often understood in contrast to reality. The show presents works by Alexis Milne, Sejin Kim, Sangjin Kim, Shin Kiwoun, and Pedro Sena Nunes. Hanmi Gallery will be located at stand P9.


Influenced by Baudrillard’s critical and even sceptical view of mass media as a non-communicative but powerful tool to control over mass populations, Alexis Milne’s video series The Delinquents (part 1 – 4) examines media reproductions of 1980’s and 1990’s subcultures and our perception of them, often completely twisted by media.


Milne explores issues surrounding contemporary political protest and forms of sub-cultural uprising and its subsequent recuperation. He has recently shown his works in South London Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4’s New Sensations exhibition The Future Can Wait. He won the European Academies Startpoint Prize in 2011 and his works are part of various public and private collections in Europe. Milne completed a BA in Socio-Political Studies at Manchester University (1997) and a MFA at Goldsmiths College (2010). He lives and works in London.


Shin Kiwoun physically grinds popular commodities such as an I-pod and mobile phone and transforms them into dust, eliminating fetishisms of the cultural iconic objects. In Dis-illusion_Coin_Face, the artist selects money to destroy. This nihilistic action recalls the pecuniary unit’s memory of loss – the loss of the essential reality of exchange during the process of countless successive reproductions.


Shin’s works focuses on the existentialist themes such as time, reality, being, illusion and disappearance. He recently presented a solo exhibition Movement/Anti-Movement at Esplanade: Singapore Art Centre in Singapore and exhibited in the Liverpool Biennial (2010). Shin was a recipient of New Contemporaries 2010. His works are included in international private and public collections such as Arko Museum Media Achieve (Seoul) and Mori Art Museum (Japan). Shin graduated with a MFA from Goldsmiths College.


Sangjin Kim practices in the rich seam between language and art. In Visibility_the Bible is designed to print the bible onto the surface of water in which the printed letters dissolve into the liquid as they appear. Its temporality and momentary quality resembles fragility of our belief where often our reality relies upon.


Concerned with the human cognitive system, Kim uses sound, time, and language as the main means of representation. His mechanical sculptures are often poetic and challenge the viewer’s perspective on cultural and social authority. Kim had a recent solo exhibition Ingredients in Seoul, Korea (2011) and was part of various group exhibitions in New York, Seoul, and London. He graduated with a BFA from Seoul National University and continues to study at Goldsmiths College, London.


One of the finalists of New Contemporaries 2011, Sejin Kim is a careful observer of our society. Utilising documentary realism and cinematic narrative, in a short variable channel video Night Worker, the artist portrays urbanscapes in both critical and emphatic manners.


Kim investigates the complexity of human relationships in contemporary society, focusing on anxiety and conflict that individuals may have to deal with in their everyday lives. She has exhibited internationally and presented her fourth solo show 24 HR City in Seoul in 2009. Kim was selected for New Contemporaries 2011. Her work is included in public and institutional collections including the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea. She completed a MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, in 2012.


Pedro Sena Nunes explores the human life as part of nature and also as part of human society. The experimental video piece Hope (2010) poetically depicts the collision between man and woman gives birth to an aquatic confinement.This subliminal event gives a new life to the world, the world of hunger, survival, and laxity.


Nunes is a Portuguese film director, producer, and photographer working with documentary, experimental film and video. His work has been screened internationally. Nunes’ recent film Hope was awarded in APMP – Multimedia National Award, Shorts Sadinas Festival, and Fantasporto. He graduated from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (ESTC) in 1992. Since 1998, he is a co-Artistic Director of Associação Vo’Arte where he coordinates various training project and produces films and performances.


Notes to Editors


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