London Art Fair: Art Projects 2011

  • Artists: Sankeum Koh, Ziwon Wang
  • Business Design Centre | London, N1 0QH
  • 19 – 23 January 2011

Jiwon WANG uses his series of sculptures to pose questions about the relationship between man and advanced technology.


The juxtaposition in the sculptures between human features, emotions and artificial intelligence combine to allow the viewer to question at what stage human’s interaction with machines means they lose their ability to be moral subjects.


Wang, in writing about the work lists a series of poignant questions to ask when looking at the works such as: What is the human being? Who am I and who are we? In a science and technology era what does it mean to ask about human nature?

Sankeum KOH


Using cuttings from newspapers and poetry Koh rearranges columns and paragraphs to allow viewer interaction with their identity searching for unknown meaning. Koh then uses pearl beads or steel balls following the pattern of the text. Koh in writing of the methodological process described it as slow and labor intensive which allowed time for meditation on the true meaning of the work. This is what the work is meant to signify: slow, thoughtful and procedural.


London Art Fair

Business Design Centre

52 Upper Street


London N1 0QH


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