Hanmi Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in EMERGE: Art15, this will be the gallery’s third time participating in this art fair.

The Gallery will be showcasing a group exhibition of two international artists employing new media and video installations in their practices; Korean-born sound-installation artist Sangjin Kim, and London based artist trio Troika.


The central theme of Hanmi Gallery’s stand at Emerge is ‘Myriad.’  The meaning of the word which technically refers to a numerical unit of ten thousand, and is often used to allude to an indefinitely large number of things. It intends to be a curatorial framework to explore notions of the infinite in the multiple visual, cultural and social implications of the proposed artists and their inter-disciplinary works.


Sangjin Kim will exhibit is a kinetic and sound installation entitled Meditation – consisting of a series of ‘moktaks’ a Buddhist meditation tool used by monks usually involving the recitation of sutras and mantras. Kim displaces the human element of monks with a mechanical contraption which taps on the wooden percussion instrument repeatedly. Kim’s work uses language, sound and time as a means of re-appropriating the act of meditation to reveal the infinite process of cognition. The significance of the term ‘myriad’ in Asian history and culture, traditionally used as a colloquial term to describe a variety of perceptions, is addressed by Kim’s incorporation of Eastern symbols.


Troika’s works will prompt us to stop and meditate on various incidents – inducing both temporal and visual senses. The merging of time into a pictorial form will allow the London based trio to address the multiple perspectives inherent in the term ‘myriad.’